Thursday, October 18, 2012

We've Moved!

Hello, Faithful Readers!  We have moved to a new blog since I have apparently run out of storage space on this one.  I'm not completely sure what happened, but I can't put any more pictures on this blog, so I just started a new one.  Please come visit us.  It's not too hard...just add a "2" to our old web address.  We'll be there waiting for you!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

VA Beach or Bust! 2012 Edition

We ventured out to VA Beach with the fam again to celebrate Phil and Matt's birthday and spend some time together.  I think this was our best trip to the beach yet!  The weather was outstanding, the house we rented was perfect, and we had great food (and the kids SLEPT!).  All of those make for a great time, as far as I am concerned.

I think the kids thought they were in heaven (especially Adam).  It was so fun watching them enjoy the ocean and their Grandma and Grandpa so much.
The typical scene.

Adam usually made about five trips down to the water a day.  He loved splashing in the water and throwing sand in the water ("but not at people!")  

He loved the water, but definitely had a respect for the sea.  He knew he had to hold someone's hand if he wanted to go a little bit deeper.  While wading with Grandpa, Adam looked up and said, "Whoa" right before a wave came to hit him chest-high.  He sure was glad Grandpa was there, but was back ready for more fun soon enough.

Clara loved the beach too.  She liked the water and laughed it up on the first day.  The wind picked up slightly on the second day, so she preferred to stay back and build sand castles with Grandma and watch her pinwheel blow.

Or, sit on the deck with Daddy.

Walking up to the house with Grandpa and Grandma.

"I put my toes in the ocean, Mama!"

Besides the ocean, the bean bag toss game that we found in the closet of our rental was the main event for the kids.  Adam called it "Pillows" which was funny, but actually makes a lot of sense.
A little instruction from Daddy and he caught on quickly.

He was soon a Pillows Master.  We all played a good share of Pillows, but I think Grandma won with nearly 150 games played.  We are thankful for Grandma!

Clara loved Pillows, too.

We built lots of sand castles.

Adam and Mama getting ready to go down to the beach.

Yep, there we go.

Adam helped me bake a cake for Phil and Matt's birthday.  He helped me frost it a little bit, and then turned his attention to more important matters: eating the leftover frosting.

Happy birthday, Daddy!
(He does eat the actual cake part...he just eats the frosting first.  I can't fault him.)

Uncle Matt caught a really big crab and brought it up to the house for Adam to see.

Lots of reading time with Grandma and Grandpa.

Thanks for a great time, Beach!  See ya next time!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Our Day with Thomas!

To celebrate Daddy's birthday, we took a family trip to the Strasburg Railroad in Pennsylvania to visit Thomas the Tank Engine.  As you can imagine, this was a huge event in Adam's life - there was beautiful excitement and chatter during the entire three hour drive.  "I'm going to Thomas's house."  "I'm going to ride on Thomas."  The drive itself was beautiful and really interesting.  We drove over the Susquehanna River and through really pretty countryside.  I loved the stone buildings.

It was perfect timing - when we pulled into the parking lot, Thomas was just pulling into the station.  Phil quickly put Adam up on his shoulders so he could see over the cars and Adam could not believe it.  I didn't get a picture of his face because I was just enjoying his amazement too much.  Clara is extremely well versed in all things "Thomas" so she was pretty excited, too.

The first thing we did was go to the big tents where the kids could play.

Adam liked Henry, the bridges, and the wash down the most.

Clara did some coloring.

In awe of Thomas pulling into the station.

Yay, Thomas!

We stopped to have a little snack and watch Thomas chuff in and out of the station. It was so fun to see all the kids clap and cheer every time Thomas arrived.

Daddy on his birthday with his two favorite Thomas Fans.

Here he comes!

As soon as Adam's foot touched the step onto the coach car, he said, "I'm on Thomas!"

Getting ready for our ride in Annie and Clarabel (those are the names of Thomas's passenger cars, if you are not familiar with the Thomas lingo).  The car was very pretty and it was great with the windows all open - Phil and I actually really enjoyed the ride, too.
Clara is mad in this photo because I put her in my lap for the photo.  She was really into having her own seat by the window.

Both the kids loved the ride.  Adam's favorite things that he saw on the ride were the corn, the big piles of coal, and the farms.

Clara was most excited about the cows.

 After our ride, we got our picture taken in front of Thomas and he blew his whistle and chuffed some steam for us.  As we walked away, Adam shouted, "Bye Bye, Thomas!  I love you!"

On our way out, Adam got to choose one engine to bring home with him, and he chose Edward.  Edward took a bath with Adam and slept in the hotel with him that night.  The next morning, Adam was excited to bring Edward home to see all of Edward's friends (on the tracks in our basement).  It was so fun to see Adam enjoy the whole trip so much.

Thanks for a great time, Thomas!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mini Mommy

 This girl's love for babies is really something special (and adorable).  She's had a couple of dollies, but she recently got this one with a plastic head, which is now clearly HER baby.  Baby now goes everywhere with her and she spends a significant amount of her day taking care of Baby.

Clara sweet talked Daddy into getting her a stroller for her baby, and it's been pretty exciting around here.  Taking her Mommy Skills to a new level.
So excited!

As soon as we showed her the stroller, she knew exactly what to do.  She went right over to get her baby and put her in the stroller to go for a LONG walk around and around and around the lower level.

Still going...
It's actually helped her walking a lot since she can't lean on it like she can her push cart.  She's been doing a lot more walking on her own since she got the stroller.

 A few days later, walking with Baby is still the highlight of her day.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Adam Visits the Dentist (And Lives to Tell About It!)

 How is my boy so grown up?  Admittedly, he should have visited the dentist about a year ago, but I was so nervous about it that it just kept getting put off.  Frankly, I'm super thankful that we waited.  Adam has changed so much in the last year that I don't think his first visit would have gone nearly as well as it did had we done it a year ago.

Adam checking out his chair.  The theme of this pediatric dentist's office is "fish," which Adam was a fan of.

 The dentist was great, giving Adam plenty of time to prepare for what was to come.  Here he is playing a game with Adam and squirting the water into his mouth.  Adam thought this was really fun.

 We took a couple of time outs to let Adam count the fish on the wall, but he willingly climbed back in the chair after each time.  Couldn't believe he let the hygienist do all the cleaning and even rinse his mouth - opened nice and wide saying "Ahhhh" every single time.  At one point during the cleaning, Adam smacked his lips and said "Nummy!"  Not sure what flavor it was, but clearly Adam was a fan.  :)  So proud of him!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day of School!

 The first day of school: Preschool 2012-2013 was a complete success!
Adam was so excited to see his teachers and friends - there was much discussion before bed the night before.  It was really fun to see the neighborhood buzzing around with first-day excitement this morning.  All the kids flocking towards the elementary school or waiting at the bus stop with their parents.  Adam didn't start school until November last year, so this was his very first actual "first day" of school.  Super fun and exciting!

 Usually Sister waits in the car while I drop him off, but she came up to the door with us since it's a special day.

A hug goodbye.

 Besides seeing his friends and teachers, the things he chose to tell me about after school were using scissors and touching broccoli (we're working on trying new foods).

Clara was so excited for her brother!

 Getting his hugs from all his teachers.  Ms. Young is on the left (she has been at the school for about 5 years, but this is Adam's first year with her), Ms. Sam and Ms. Tina were with Adam last year and he loves them!  I say God bless them all for what they do for Adam.

 Adam and his friend Sebastian waiting for the bus to arrive with their last classmate.

Praying for another great year of fun and progress!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Messy Monday - #6

This week was the Messy Monday 2012 Grand Finale!  Carolyn's parents graciously treated us to a cookout, so we weren't as messy as we usually are, but we still had plenty of fun.  Messy Monday has been such a blessing for us this summer - we've had so much fun.  I have loved getting to spend a bit of time with my girlfriends - doing motherhood together - and watching the kids try (and love) many new things with their friends.

Carolyn brought out her parachute with the plastic balls and the kids had a great time.
Adam and his friend Jack.

Trying to catch some bubbles.

The Messy Crew.

Adam loved getting to run under the parachute.

Staying true to form, Clara wanted to be right in there with the big kids.  She got a little bit smushed at the end, but I couldn't deny her the fun.

Look at all the joy!

She took a little time out to hang with her baby friends.  I wish I would have snapped this photo a little earlier when ALL the babies were on the blanket.  I think there were six of them at one point!

Thank you, Miss Carolyn!  We love Messy Mondays!